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Art Programs and Art Education Philosophy
What we do

Art education plays a key role in shaping our humanity. Learning through art provides a different channel for growth and development. It allows a different language and different tools for us to connect and use to share our stories. I have seen how art gives people a voice. Art allows us to communicate when we don’t have the words. Art brings people together, to both share experience and understand different experience. Art fosters divergent thinking. Art makes us question and challenge norms. Art connects us to our humanity.


The Studio Art Sessions philosophy is guided by our responsibility as humans. I view this and integrate it in two ways. Our responsibility as humans to others and our responsibility as humans to our environment.

In sharing my passion for art education I want to support my community of educators and learners. Often art is experienced as intimidating. I want to change that. I want educators to feel confident teaching art and I want learners to feel empowered by learning through art. 


My approach is to create accessible art education programs that prioritize human connections, empower learners, and foster social and personal development. Using art to make humans more human. The programs also present an approach to art making that aims to limit and reduce the amount of waste we produce.


By supporting this small business you are promoting practices that limit waste, that strive to make communities stronger, and believes we can make positive change through art education.

About | Adrienne Art Educator Vancouver

Adrienne Figliuzzi started with Studio Art Sessions in 2013, working along side Tamra Simons (co-founder) for several years, she has now taken over the squeegee developing art programs, resources, and handmade goods. Adrienne fell in love with art education in 2010 when she began working with an inspiring team of educators and learners at the Art Gallery of Alberta. She went on to receive her Master's degree in Art Education from the university of Concordia. Her research in relational pedagogy sparked a new passion for the value of arts education in our communities. She believes in empowering learners through art, fostering organic forms of communication, using art as action and engaging in divergent thinking through art. 

About | Adrienne Art Educator


Arts & Crafts

EMILY, Teacher

"Adrienne collaborated with our team to create a professional development opportunity centered around inquiry, found materials, and basic artmaking practices. We were blown away by the approachable, practical, and empowering afternoon spent making art as a staff. Our creative geniuses learned something new and honed their practise, while our less artistically aligned colleagues felt supported and squealed with delight as they unveiled the prints that they had created. We have continued many of the discussions started that afternoon, and are grateful for our shared learning experience with Studio Art Sessions."

Kids in Art Class


had a blast learning a bit about print making and how to do it. Adrienne was so welcoming and supportive. It was the first time that I've done print making and Adrienne's instruction was "spot on". I highly recommend signing up for an art session with Adrienne. I am already looking forward to the next class!

Art Class


I took one of Adrienne’s virtual print making classes recently and loved it! The class was a wonderful opportunity to hang out with friends online while exploring our creative talents in a friendly and supportive environment. Adrienne is an excellent teacher who superbly guided and encouraged us through the steps of what was a novel experience for most of us using this type of media. I’m looking forward to future classes with Adrienne!!

We've met so many amazing people over the years. Thanks to these great organizations and school districts for welcoming us!

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