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Welcome to the SAS blog!

Creating a place to share a bit more!

The idea for this blog stems from the many conversations we've had in studio, with fellow educators, artists, friends, colleagues, and clients. Sometimes we get so excited about an idea and want to share it but a Insta post just isn't quite enough to get right into it.

This blog is for everyone! Whether you are also an art educator, a classroom teacher who finds teaching art kinda (or really) scary, or families looking for things to do at home we got you! We'll be posting the things we're thinking about and doing. From project ideas, personal work, brainstorms, brainwaves, and the things that may seem like a tangential thought.

Mission: Look at a pile of discarded paper in a different way. What would you do with these bits?

Here's hoping...

As an art educator I have often felt that the majority of my "making" and studio time is spent working out lessons and coming up with ways to engage students. While this does involve a lot of experimentation, play and discovery, it also means those elements are happening with a very specific focus. Don't get me wrong I LOVE thinking of ways to engage our students but don't always make time for totally open ended and free studio creation. Whether it's that canvas staring at me that I've been meaning to continue working on, or trying to further develop a technique I started to play with during a class but just haven't had the time to really get into it. Show of hands, any other educators share that feeling?

This blog will serve as a venue for us to share some studio discoveries and will HOPEfully serve as a gentle nudge, or a friendly reminder to ourselves to go play!

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