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Group Workshops: creativity at work

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
- Maya Angelou

Bring the art studio to your office and promote creativity, curiosity and risk taking in the workplace!


Unlock the creative potential of your team through art! Whether you are interested in creating an environment that fosters curiosity, thinking outside the box, finding new processes, or building team cohesion our workshops can help you meet your goals. Our professional development programs engage people in creative thinking, risk taking, collaboration, and the development of new skills.

“But, I’m not an artist”

We’ve heard this before and don’t worry, this workshop is for everyone! We work with people with a range of experiences, from “what is silkscreening?” to “I’m a pro!” we work hard to create an art experience that is inclusive to all. New experiences and stepping out of ones comfort zones can promote creative thinking, curiosity, and problem solving. They can also lead to developing new ways of thinking about challenges, and personal growth. 


You provide the space and we bring everything for the workshop. We are happy to customize this experience to best meet the needs of your team and workplace. 


The Studio Process at Work: Silkscreen Group Workshop

Session Length: 2 hours

Cost: $400 up to 20 participants*

Our standard 2 hour professional development workshop experience begins with warmup exercises where we invite and lead you to play and experiment with a range of different tools.

Next, participants will consider art as means of visual communication. Be it communicating team goals, identity or personal aspirations, participants will develop their own symbols that will be used for silkscreen printmaking. Everyone will have an opportunity to create their own series of a silkscreen print on the substrate of your choice (paper, fabric, masonite board)

*Have more than 20 participants? contact us for pricing and time accommodations for bigger groups.




Creativity at Work: Custom Group Workshop

Session Length: 2 - 4 hours

Cost: starting at $400 (pricing details TBD upon finalization of your custom program)

We will consult with you to best understand your team's goals in order to create a custom workshop. 

Whether you are looking to promote collaboration and build team trust, or you would like to celebrate the success of your amazing team we have got you covered! 

Contact us today to start planning!



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